Hi, I`m Ksenia, journalist, special correspondent and editor in the past, student of the Polish University in the present and do-not-know-who in the future:) I dream to learn how to do infographics, edit video professionally, cook food perfectly, find my first creative job in Poland, travel a lot and become a professional photographer:)))))))  Though I bought a camera just one month ago..;)

According to my parents I`m a rather strange creature (when will you finally stop, marry and give birth to our grandchildren???), not serious in a word.

But I think they are wrong.

I like green tea with honey and lemon, dancing when nobody can see me, and crying sometimes, too, like thunderstorm and walking in the rain, taking street photos by the phone, like studying and trying new things. I also like to write letters and inhale the smell of Christmass treesand tengerines, dreaming about those times when all my dreams come true.

I hate heat, lies, schemers, arrogant people, monotony, war and when my relatives are ill.

At the end of September 2017, I left for Poland. To study abroad is one of my childhood dreams. I have a long and thorny path to it. To tell the truth, I am still on this path and I am not sure that I have chosen it correctly.

Actually, this will be my blog. And about the study itself, and how to get on it, and about the Polish Card, and about the Polish exams, and many, many, many other things.

In a word, since I am a journalist and editor, it will be – sometimes – fun, sometimes – extreme, sometimes – creative, sometimes – hysterically, but definitely – competently and stylishly 🙂





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